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Out of all the PUA Forums out there, why should you join this one? The answer is simple. Being successful with women takes effort, practice and the willingness to grow and change. You may not necessarily want to be famous like Adam Lyons or Gambler who do this full time. In fact, the reason many guys choose this lifestyle so they can learn skills that can be applied for all parts of their lives. I mean, they want to be nice to women, but they don't want to JUST be friends with women. So if you are looking to learn the right tools to help you become more social you should consider contributing to the discussion that is happening daily on this site. Think about it... a true woman of beauty is going to respond to a guy who has great conversation skills, is an expert at building attraction and has a sexual confidence level that women are instinctively drawn to.

In fact one of the best way's to introduce yourself is to use a situational opener which is a technique that relies on something to do with making a comment about the environment you are in at that moment. These openers are going to be more interesting and relevant to the situation where you are talking to the girl and are designed to interact with a womans natural programming. In fact, this type of approach is every effective at getting her attracted to you and is the preferred method of approaching for the guys here.

Most guys who are great with women will not even use the normally listed routines, but for someone who is new to becoming very successful with women, knowing some canned material will certainly give them help and even provide the proper wording to use as they learn other parts of attraction such as body language and nonverbal communication.

Remember, while a it can be easy to get a woman initially interested in you, it is the other social and nonverbal communication skills that will ultimately get more women. This points to the many problems of the whole community and why there are so many products to watch and events to attend. It is a whole lifestyle transformation and this PUA Forum and it's members will be there for you giving you advice, every step of the way.

One thing to consider is that the guys you see with some of the hottest, most amazing women, including models and actressesí are actually not incredibly naturally attractive. In fact, not only were they not classically attractive, many if not all of them started out with no clue what to do to impress girls and were just plain awkward around attractive women. But along their journey, they found out that it takes more than just good looks to have true success with women.

Like them, you will need to improve your fashion, become more comfortable around women, and possibly memorize some unique situational openers to get you started on your journey. Again, being naturally attractive may not be enough until you master all the other parts of your game. The overall goal of this forum is for guys to learn ways to bring comfort, love and value into the lives of the women around them.

What women truly want in a man is usually more than just a one-night fling; they want a man of value who will bring a healthy and balanced relationship to their life. This forum for PUA will teach you how to be that man.

So while it is imperative to learn as much as you possibly can from other guys by asking and answering questions from other users, it is equally important to get out and meet women in the real world. The men who show the most success are almost always dedicated to going out a few nights a week and being around other people to continuously refine their social skills.

Congratulations on finding this pua forum and taking the first step and making this the beginning of your journey towards finding mastery with women.

Check out this NYTimes Review of The Pick Up Artist.

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