So I'm involved in several MLTR's at the moment. Two of my hooks have caught fairly well, and tonight I was talking with both of them on the phone (at seperate times of course). The same line of conversation came up both times, and also happened yesterday when talking to another hook of mine.

With one she was talking about how she missed work on Saturday, and I said: "Well you better watch that, I only date girls with jobs." To which she giggled and replied, "Who said we were dating?" I didn't reply, just let the awkwardness of the question sink in on her part, and to re-initiate conversation she said, "I'm kidding baby." Now we aren't "dating" but we have been seeing each other for a few months and sleep together, so I guess that probably counts for her, but I just thought it was interesting, especially when...

Later that night, I was talking to Hook #2 and the same thread came up.

Me: "Well, I'm attracted to women who are successful in their careers."
Her: "Well you know I'm a supervisor at so-and-so."
Me: "Ahh. Well that's good, I don't date girls with no jobs."
Her: "Who said we were dating?" ~giggle~
Me: *silence*
Her: "I'm kidding baby."

This really happened tonight. Same identical topics, almost identical wordings, and identical responses from both girls (both 8's). Now I am aware that I am leading them into this question, but was curious as to what you guys thought as far as responses, and just insights in general.

Pleased to hear any thoughts you might have.