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    Exclamation Elements of a Good Opener (Research)

    Hi, so I've been reading these forums for a while now and I've been on the game for about a year; So, I just decided to join you guys and I hope you can help me in this kind of research I'm trying to do.

    So recently I've been thinking that everybody is always asking the question "What's the best opener EVER?" and I've never found or heard any real answer. In my opinion, most of PUAs are making the wrong approach to openers, instead of openers to be well-rehearsed lines, why don't we discuss the elements a good opener should have? Once that is cleared, openers could be more natural, original and maybe more effective since you are not using lines, but you are recalling what makes a good opener on the fly with each girl.
    What do you guys think?

    Also, we could clear up things like:


    -What are the advantages of negging right on the opener? (If there are any)

    -Difference between daygame and night openers

    -DHV on the opener (and how it should be managed)

    -Types of openers and the differences between them(?)

    It would be great if you guys post any thoughts you have on this.


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    Default Re: Elements of a Good Opener (Research)

    I wouldn't spend too much time philosophizing about openers.

    I will now philosophize on why you shouldn't

    What is the goal of an opener?
    The goal of an opener is to initiate a social interaction with a girl. As Homer Simpson said in a flash back episode of the Simpson where he pulls Marge "I had achieved Step 1, she knew I existed".

    So never mind all the theory and keep it simple and hold your glass in front of her and say cheers if she responds and if you're feeling fruity you can even be bold and say something like "Hey, hows it goin?" And next thing you know you may be involved in a social interaction!

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