What I've cone to realize at 21 years of age is to attract women, or anything in your life you desire is purely be yourself. Not just success with women but your goals in life. You've got to let it all out, and let nothing shake you, you've got to completely stop giving a f*#k, your worst enemy is yourself, and if you do this your life will unfold as you want it, whatever negative thought you get from doing something you really want to do, observe that negativity and destroy it systematically if you have to, I just joined and I find it interesting how many people(mainly guys)view the tips and routine advantages yet rarely share their thoughts or even go deeper and ask questions to get answers they want, it's very similar to how guys are around girls they view yet rarely make their presence known, so to them you don't even exist!, Be conscious as if you're observing yourself, girls want a fun guy and guys want a fun girl, Now when not giving f%*k,you still have to be aware of your surroundings and the potential consequences of you're actions.