So something rather funny happened to me today. I'm a university maths student, and I volunteered to answer a question on a tablet pc thing that was hooked up to a projector. Part of the answer involved drawing an arbitrary shape, so I wave the pen around the display, making a closed loop.

The class bursts into laughter.

I look down, and low and behold, my "arbitrary shape" looks like a penis. I was pretty embarrassed, but I didn't lose my cool. I looked over at the teacher and just asked "how do I get rid of it?" Then I did, and proceeded to draw an oval and answer the question.

So my question is, is this a dlv? I wouldn't imagine opening with something like this, more like just something I could throw in, perhaps in response to a conversation topic about seeing Elvis in toast.

If it's not a DLV, how susceptible do you think it is to amoging*? I'm guessing it could result in insinuations about homosexuality, I was thinking I might counter with something like "have you heard of projection, you know, in relation to psychology?"

(*I'm using Mystery's acronyms, not sure how widely accepted they are. AMOG = Alpha male of the group.)