PUA: Hey...are you someone confident to accept a sincere compliment?!!!
HB: Hee...hee. Sure.
PUA: Cooool. Me too!! Hey, you go first. [pointing back to me] Fire away.
HB: Haha + {compliment on PUA's clothes or sense of humor} or Haha + {come on face}
PUA: [if not complimented] Just kidding...[if complimented, skip the just kidding] Actually, I came over here cuz you looked like [compliment +mini cold read].

Here's an example of one of dozens of approaches (even stopping mobile targets with the boomerang effect body language).

PUA: Hey...are you someone confident to accept a sincere compliment?
HB: Sure. [smile]
PUA: Me too. Fire away.
HB: Haha. Well, I like your jacket.
PUA: Ahh. You rock. You know, I just had to stop you cuz you looked like someone interesting to talk to as you look so chill and calm, and someone just had to come over and enjoy the view of the pier and opera house with you. I'm PUA.
HB: Hi. [handshake] I'm [Chick's Name]

This kind of direct approach opened consistently and the game played out well because I'd continue from there with lots of ball-busting, playful Kino, and conveyed a lot of fun.