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    Smile Need help with a chick who just broke up with her BF.

    Ok the deal is the following:
    I met this girl 3 months ago at the airport, we were waiting for the same airplane to go back home. We had a lot in common, we talked all night long, but she had a long distant relationship boyfriend, who she was going back to see the same day. Taken girls are off limits for me.
    Days passed, and we met again at a venue a week ago. I showed good Social Status, alpha characteristics and so on. When I saw her I went, called her by nickname and hugged her. She was genuinely happy to see me. I said I definitely have to call her sometime to go watch a movie or something. She smiled and responded positively and went back to her table.
    Yesterday she makes a status in Facebook that she went from a relationship to single, followed by "i am sorry" from her friends. How much time should I wait before I ask her out and how exactly should I do it without being weird? I also have her phone and I am pretty sure she has mine too.

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    Default Re: Need help with a chick who just broke up with her BF.

    The more important question from "How much time should I wait to ask her out?" is "Is this chick into me more than just being buddies?" I'd say fuck it and make a move and ask her out. She'll either agree, or say now's not a good time which means it really isn't a good time or that she's just trying to let you down easy and is really not interested in anything more than friendship.

    If she says now's not a good time, move on and pursue other chicks and maybe court her at another time.

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