Hello guys!

So will try to sum the whole story up.

I was at the mall alone buying a bithday gift.
As i was browsing the mall for som things for myself, I entered this store.

The girl(vendor) and i talked a lot, about a three ours long conversation. She acctualy got me into buying a pair of boot and some jeans.

As i got so into this girl, i gave her my name (for facebook) and my cell number as she subcribed me to the store`s catalog, and by the time i left, i told her to hit me up or add me on facebook.

Now... i am no naive guy. i know she was nice to me so i could buy some stuff. So i believe (almost sure) she wont add me or text me or anything.

I dont have any info on her. So how could i pull this off?
Should i go by the store some other time, should i call the store and talk to her? What is the best idea?

We laughed a lot, talked about totally unrelated things.

My cellphone was ringing a lot, And at some point she said "people just dont want us to talk right??"

So i guees those were some good ioi`s

Thank you guys for the help, and im look forward for the answers!