Hey what do you think charlie chaplins voice sounds like?

'I don't know'

"Me either, like if he called me I would have no idea who it is." (Although he passed)

Backstory- just a goofy opener, I got this when I was watchin jimmy fallon with candace bergen as guest, and she mentioned a time way back when chaplin called her and was all excited about sometin (about wat I dunno, it was in the background). Anyways fallons reaction was pretty funny to that.

Anyways its a funny idea to me but haven't tried it yet. Plus extra threads are early cinema, jimmy fallon, the roots (u know the band?), candace bergan/or murphy brown lol.

Thought id see wat y'all get from this, and wat threads/spin offs you mite come up with. Gotta try it for a convo starter anyways.

Game on..