Met girl on POF. Got the number, texted..called her and was super dominant. 'Ay, (when she interupted my story about my cat) .Ay! You tryna step up!' She was shit testing me and i was like who is this>? Put (screen name on the phone) I like her I don't like this girl. No seriously who is this bitch put miss (screenname) on. Bla bla ok i gotta pick up my friend at the airport. Hangs up.

Since then she called me twice at school " Ay don't fucking call me I'll call you." hang up
Sinc ethen she's been texting me consistently, i even ran some comfort/qualification on her : Aft. er she said you hate me don't you.

Me: "Why do girls always say that? I think you really know what you want and thats hot. But dude I live in farking Edmonton. I'm not gonna be down there till the summer.

Her: I thought you lived in ___ (my profile name was from there because i was there for 2 weeks and wanted a lay, going back to spend summer there, but currently still in edmonton area)
..."And theres nothing wrong with that! And i know what i want, as much as this is prolly gonna be lies to you, I'm interested in you!! I love that bitch jokes side to you (heart) if ur interested too then that would make me happy.
Texted me 4 times since then, replied once with Daddy's at work. Ttyl.

Texted me two more times. I heard texting too often ruins attraction, adn since i will not be back there (where she is) for 2 months. So i just say "Ay I'll call you when i get back. In june. Take care of the kids, tell tim i love him. Do not fuck anyone or il kill you.

Her reply: So ur not gonna talk to me at all untill then? U can't just dissapear :O

What to do boys, I could easily get a meet up if i was there (ontario) now. But I'm not. So to maintain interest attraction for 2 months... cut off contact or keep talking. And how often and about what, like more qualifying / attraction shit or just Fluff idk?