A girl that I am moving out of the friend zone just lost her grandmother on Saturday. I hadn't known that her grandmother had died and Asked her out on txt in the morning. later in the day she posted the bad news on her Facebook. I sent her a txt today offering my condolences. my question is how long do I wait to ask her out again. I figure I should tell her Im sorry but not really bring it up so that I don't really friend zone myself. keep myself in the fun, happy side of her life.

This Happened to me before this winter with a different girl and her grandfather. I had k-closed her and I couldn't meet up with her for like 3 weeks and things fizzled after that.

What are your guys thoughts about a Tragic event happening in a girls life that interrupt your dive to the f-close? How should I as a possible lover navigate this type of situation?

PS: unsure of were too put this really