I was at the club with my boy, and he was feeling the need to go home, I said give me five minutes. I then proceeded to the dance floor and started grinding on some random girl. I did it blatantly and confidently, and she just loved it. I turned her around and we started making out in front of our friends. We stopped kissing after a minute or two and she introduced herself, and I shot her a cocky grin because we both knew it was funny to kiss first then introduce ourselves later. She turned to her friend and was asked "are you going home with this guy?" To my astonishment (not really) she replied straight back "yes" without even looking at me! My mate tried to hook up with her mate but no deal unfortunately. Bro code dictates that I had to say goodbye at this point as I left with both girls in toe. As we walked out, I was surprised to find that the girl's friend was completely sober as it was her turn for designated driving. I felt alot of dissaproval from her friend, as I was being completely nice to her when she drove back to my place but she just wouldn't accept my niceness. I sensed a threesome was a long way off but I was happy that I was going to get a root and didn't have to pay for a taxi. Twenty minutes from the club to my sheets she knew the drill and took her clothes off before I even got in bed. She went down on me and took my drilling like a champ. In the morning when we woke up she turned to me and asked me if I had a girlfriend. I did but I told her no. She said "oh good because all the guys I usually hook up with have girlfriends". Her friend comes to pick her up the next morning, chalk one up a good One Night Stand.

But... My girlfriend at the time is getting upset with me because she wants a commited relationship. I'm not ready, and I always steer the coversation away from this topic. I decided to call the girl back on a Friday night before I went out. She acted as if she didn't know who I was at first but she soon recalled the fun time we had together. We chatted for about 10 minutes. (I always find girls are more interested when I call them for the first time and don't organise a date. It keeps them wondering does this guy really like me?)

I knew she wanted to bang me again, so I set up a date for Thursday night. I was getting ready to move at the time and was still living with my parents, so I called my boy who was housesitting to see if I could bring the girl there and of course bro code states he has to say yes. I texted the girl the address, giving her well enough time to get there and rocked up straight after work for a few beers. My girl showed up right on time. Obviously we all knew each other so things were pretty comfortable, my girl joined me on the couch for a beer as i held her in my arms. I then took her to the kitchen and pushed her into the wall as I made out with her. I took her straight to the bedroom as my mate watched tv on his own. Again she gave me good head and I gave her another drilling. A couple of hours later I kicked her out and went back to have a chat with my mate another good night.

My girlfriend was upset that I was acting "hot and cold" but I was really staying calm and remaining unaffected. I would go weeks without calling her unless she impressed me in some way. I was on holidays, so woke up one day at noon and started cranking off to internet porn when I realised hey I should get that girl to come help me out. I texted her and she came to pick me up in 15 minutes flat. She drove me back to the place she was housesitting at. Her friend who I didn't get along with was there again I was nice to her but nothing. She had a guy there who seemed boring just sat there and did nothing, I guess that's her type. So we got into bed and did the deed but this time I took her more roughly than usual, shoving her off the bed, into the bedside table knocking off her lamp and breaking it. I thought it was funny to push her off the bed, so I put my pants on and left on a high note. She knew it was time to drive me home.

The weekend rolls around and she drives me to a party then drops me and a mate off at the club, not bad having my own personal chauffeur.

Some time later I had to sneak her into the house through my window because my dad was home. We watched a movie together and she did the job but I was feeling she was not quite impressing me as she usually does. I teased her about having photos of guys dicks in her phone and kept the playful vibe as I had done till this point. My dad overheard her laughing and thought it was my girlfriend. Of course it wasn't, and there wasn't much to talk about. I kicked her out around 6 p.m.

So this girl calls me up on a Wednesday night as I'm falling asleep knowing full well that I have work the next day just because she's returning home from a night clubbing and she needs to be fucked by a real man. We'll she's got a friend with her this time and theyre both bombed and I'm tired as fuck. I decided this would be fun anyway so I got changed and they came to get me in a taxi. I teased her for not being able to pick up at the club and her friend seemed keen but she didn't want to get in the way. When we got back I was teased for having beer dick but i was just tired and not really in the mood. I woke up a few hours later and she drove me straight home I had trained her well. I was so dead at work that day I almost had to take a nap.

I finally moved into my new place, and my girlfriend is getting upset again who would've guessed? This time because I'm not letting her stay over most weekends, and never more than 4 days in a row because I get bored of her. I had another girl in my stable, but she's not part of this story. Anyways, I get this girl over again and she's denying me a blowjob, so I force myself on her, shoving my dick in her mouth as she moves back. She never really said no but it feels like I'm raping her. I eventually jerked off in her mouth and made her swallow. I didn't feel compelled to call her again, but god I love being an asshole!