Hey guys,

Since I am extremely new to this and you guys are the experts I was wondering if you could give me a little feedback and a few ideas on how to meet girls at a yoga class. My problem starts with it is very dark in there. It is hard to gain any girls attention. The start of the class most of them are lying around "meditating" so it is hard to get any form of eye contact or ioi's from them. Then the class begins and they are focused on their poses and form. After the class finishes everyone is in such a rush to get out of there that you can't flag any of them down. They are sweaty and gross and probably don't want to be seen by men due to insecurities. Ideally I would like to get their attention and gain eye contact while in some sort of funky pose and maybe poke my tongue out at them. That opportunity has just not come up.

So I guess I ask, is this even a good place to meet girls? Do you have any openers or lines that have worked in the past? Any help or advice would help build some much needed confidence in this department. I have been out of this scene for a long time.

Thanks in advance