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    Default Short but intense

    Last night I went out with my friends. Then one guy and me separated from the rest and opened a 3 set [2 guys 1 girl]. I am trying to learn actively from him, so I didn't say anything at that point, just gave some nice body language.

    First he was doing magic to one guy, and then the girl. She was all "I'm skeptic I don't believe in magic". He asked for her name and she kept her childish acting, crossing tightly her arms. After the second try, he went for the 3rd guy.

    Then I said something, don't really remember what. The girl answered first, but I hadn't finished, so I kept talking to the guys, calm and confident so she shut up then and let me to continue. When I finished I looked at her like, "You were saying?". Her body language was now open and she was pointing me with her legs. I knew the first bit was a win.

    At some point another guy friend had joined. We were then 2 sets, my magician friend with one of them and the girl, one of her friends, my friend and me. Both guys were pretty beta with the girl being the alpha of the group but she didn't look much of an alpha. The thing is, I took her hand and spin her making her go all giggling. Then we chit chatted and it seemed like we were only she and I there. The other 2 came back with us and some of her friends teased her about her looks. Then the other of her friends also teased her, so I just stopped them and said something SIMILAR to 'She is just as she is' with a half-cheek smile. It was the perfect sentence, as she could not say at all what I meant. Suddenly she went crazy and screamed 'I fucking love this guy!' while broadly hugging me. I let her to hug me. Then we left with a last spin to her.

    Never got her number as I wasn't that interested (average looking + easy), but I liked that my game was so solid. However, when she hugged me, both guys pointed out that they had been both with her. Will keep practicing to be able to deliver to many different groups consistently.

    I will write something more comprehensive soon about y recent experiences, I've got good pick ups and some fails.
    My English is probably not completely right and you might need an extra effort to figure out what I actually meant. Also I'm not a pro, but I keep practicing and learning almost every day.

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    Default Re: Short but intense

    I like the flow of this story. Plenty of times I go out without trying to get a number. They're overrated. However sometimes when I should get a number I literally forget since im busy having fun. Good story.

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