k so first off i work at a movie theater, which is fantastic cause there are always cute girls going in and out but is also great cause i can take girls to the movies for free but i digress

the other day i was working at said theater doing what we call door, which is i have to stand at the top of the escalator ripping peoples ticket and telling them which auditorium their movie is in, this HB 8 had come up and i had simply ripped her ticket and told her where her movie was and didn't really think much more about it, other then she was pretty cute since i was busy working

while my work dies down for awhile she tends to be lingering around the lobby, she then asks me if its ok that she places her tub of popcorn on the costumer service desk which is about 3 feet behind me to the left a little... and then it starts

i look at her and jokingly say no while presenting a good smile and adjusting my posture to present better body language, at that point she then looks at me with what i hope was a flirtatious smile back and places it there anyway, now i don't remember if she had some other remark or not or who had initiated more conversation first but i do remember asking her again what movie she was seeing and then we started talking about movies and with more Fluff and then she started talking specifically towards comic book movies,

now i've recently come to this theory that girls will sometimes talk about topics which are usually more male related, such as videogames, sports, or comic book stuff etc. to try to seem more approachable by men but this is just something i've thought of idk

back to the conversation i was having, while im doing all this fluff talking about movies and what not she does mention that she is waiting on a friend, she did however hesitate for a little bit before saying friend and she also seemed to drag the word on a split second longer then needed

now idk if friend was actually boyfriend or just a guy that she was just going on a date with or maybe even just an actual friend, but what i want to know from everybody is giving the situation do u think she was possibly flirting with me and should i have tried to go for a number or something like that?