Hey there,

Jon Sinn here and today I want to share one of my favorite routines for attracting a woman.

This is a story I’ve been using for years as a transition off of any opinion opener (usually jealous girlfriend.)

I present to you good reader, My Stripper Ex Girlfriend Doesn’t believe in Dinosaurs.

So what I would do is I'll use any opinion opener about dating, jealous girlfriend, text message break ups, drunk I loves yous. Anything that brings up the idea of boyfriends and girlfriends. I use this as a transition usually. So it's generally about the jealous girlfriend opener, whether or not a girl should be allowed to be friends with her ex. And then l’ll go—

“Yeah. I date crazy girls, my ex-fiancÚ, she didn’t believe in dinosaurs. It's really funny because she used to dance, and I would go into the club where she danced and I would mess with her, because she never had a reason for it. Like I'd ask her about it, we'd be in bed, and be like—baby, dinosaurs. And shed be like: I don’t want to talk about it, and freak out.

So one night I went down to her club and I saw this really sleazy looking guy and I walked up and would be like: Hey man, do you want to know that one of those crazy strippers said: she said that she didn’t believe in dinosaurs, ask that one about dinosaurs. And I'd point her out. And he goes over to her and she's dancing, and he asked her and she leans over—and she freaks out. She's like: oh my, god, and almost falls off her box, and then she sees me and of course she comes over and gets really made at me. So I guess the moral of that story is, I'm a horrible person, but I do know my crazy girls.”

And so I use that to start talking about girls that are crazy, or relationships, whatever.

This is a good routine as a transition. It's good in attraction. It's good before you start talking about relationships. Like, I always bring it up by saying, “

My ex- fiancÚ didn’t believe in dinosaurs, or I date crazy girls. My ex didn’t believe in dinosaurs,”

And then I'll kind of just go through it.

Just a couple key points—my ex doesn’t believe in dinosaurs is just a hook, it's just a really good hook because it's out of the ordinary. It's not something you hear every day. So girls would be like: What!

That’s all a hook is. the moral of the story is I'm a horrible person, that’s a disqualifier at the end, just to kind of show that you're not trying to win her over. The point of a disqualifier is not so much to show you're not interested in her as much as to show you're going to be yourself and you don’t care if she likes it or not.

So that’s one of my best attraction pieces! Take it out and use it to talk to women tonight!

Jon Sinn