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Thread: How To Get Over Shyness

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    blueman Guest


    practice. just put yourself out there. challenge yourself

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    collinsbernard1 Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    I agree with you Rocketman.. If you allow more "dead air" before initiating a conversation, it will make you more hesitant and your confidence drops..

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    I am generally shy as well but I figured that my shyness won't go away but the opportunities I miss might never come around again... so I shyly make friends, I shyly smile at a guy eventhough I don't know him, I shyly dance with strangers, I shyly make small talk, and I shyly give away my number to really interesting guys.

    I remained shy but at least I accomplished something! hehe.

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    Ambition Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    It's also a great idea to warm yourself up before you go sarging. In one of Style's phone conferences, he said that a great thing to do is to call someone you enjoy talking to while you're on the way to your venue. If you start talking to anyone and keep a good conversation going, once you get into your venue you'll already be in that mode.

    Along the same lines, I have a favorite song that I like to listen/sing to before sarging; Caress Me Down by Sublime. This song always puts me in an amazing mood, and by singing it (loud) in my car, I get my vocal muscles prepared to project. Try this out. Believe me, you'll feel amazing by the time you get wherever you're going.

    And one final thing: from Style himself (same phone conference), for some people, shyness will never ever go away. Style himself even said that 90% of the time, before sarging he NEVER wants to go out and do it! He wants to do exactly what I did for a year, which is just sit around and wait for women to show up on his front door (not likely). And when he approaches any set, as I still feel to this day, there's that stupid voice inside your head shouting "go home, forget this and stay where it's safe." Once you accept that that voice may always be there, it's a lot easier to tell it to screw off and you just push through.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    One forumer suggested in another thread (I forgot which) to use visualization tactics. Shyness is a malady that never goers away. Even performance artists are usually often shy. So you just visualize doing what you really want to be doing, to help you anticipate what problems there could be, where you're likely to falter, etc.

    And I guess, start small. Milestones crossed may be surer this way, and not because of luck.

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    smoothcriminal Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    Quote Originally Posted by RocketMan View Post
    3 second rule: when you see a hot girl, you have 3 seconds to go talk to her. If you don't within 3 seconds - don't do it. This is to keep you from being the creepy guy who is just staring at her AND it is to keep from you talking yourself out of talking to her.
    What if you blow up the 3 second rule? Is there any way where you can redeem yourself?

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    Yeah... especially for newbies like me who still do a lot of hesitating, how do we redeem ourselves? I know some girls think it's cute that you were shy but that's luck.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    this is huge mate and alludes to that "meta-game" that goes beyond the pick up.... but on to the motivation that inspires us to play this game of which PUA is a skill set or microcosm of the self.

    i will meditate in to this but will maybe get 1 or 2% into what you have opened up. You legend

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    Shyness is a big obstacle in picking up women. In order to perfect or just even be good in picking up women, one must develop its personal aspects. One of which is confidence. Developing one's confidence before going going to the field can greatly help in initiating a convo with a girl. Immerse yourself with a wide variety of people to hone one's social skills.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    Not sure if it has been suggested here (too lazy to backread) but it might help a shy person to give himself really personal, valid, good, major things to say YES to that would require one to overcome shyness. Just like an election campaign... do you say YES to the fear and mope in your room again tonight or do you say yes to more fun, more girls, more sex, and possibilities for a serious, mushy relationship!?!

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