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Thread: How To Get Over Shyness

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    braddeltone Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    hey Ricky
    great article

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    braddeltone Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    yes, Bill
    massive action is the answer
    working hard on it
    thank you

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    TheresNothingToIt Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    This is a good article.
    However, Bill's reply to JUST DO IT is a lot harder than it seems because, and this is only simply because of peoples thoughts on:
    "I got rejected (AGAIN) I'm done"

    We all have been down this road. We've felt like giving up.
    I did, I can admit that. Sometimes I still get that way and I've been coming out of my shy ways for over 2 years now. Simply because (and I know this is my problem) on a good streak of not getting rejected, I get one that I feel will be in the bag and they're usually the ones you're aiming for to begin with. So, I step out of my game mind frame and go back to the "HER, I WANT HER NOW" thought and that's what causes me to look like a beginner all over.

    Once I, and anyone else with this problem, can just face rejection and laugh at it and make them feel like they rejected you but you can do better (cause you only wanna be friends *at first *) they'll wonder... See that there's something more to you. I accomplished this once and she came back a week later to talk to me and found out we had a lot in common. Nothing romantic or sexual between us, but we eventually became real good friends. It worked out well in the end.

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    Steve Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    It took me years to get over this. I tried everything, but I'm just naturally a shy guy. I'm not a whimp but I just hate rejection (I think like most guys). The only thing that has helped me is eye contact and body language to confirm interest before interacting (credit to Roy Valentine, the System). Now I really don't think about it anymore. I just check eye contact, confirm body language and if everything looks good I make my approach.

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    Mor_Levine Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    You got that right man...
    There is no question about it- you have to ארט things firs before you master them.

    Nice to meet you by the way.

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    Mor_Levine Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    I think that the number one question is what blocking us from approaching women?
    can't wait for your answers...

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    Mor_Levine Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    I think that I'm in you station man...
    But in the future I will work on my fears for sure.

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    puamaster Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    One of my old teachers, Eric, is a published writer. As a writer, he’s constantly giving lectures about how his students can write better, reading in front of auditoriums, making speeches in front of the entire student body, teaching big classes and making presentations. Needless to say, he’s always in the spotlight.

    Eric is a tremendous public speaker too. He has a booming voice that projects like it’s always echoing. He’s made hundreds and hundreds of speeches and lectures. He’s been up in front of people more time than he can count.

    Yet, he’ll readily admit that he still gets butterflies in his stomach each and every time he has to speak.

    It just goes to show you that there’s nothing wrong with getting nervous or even scared. It happens to everyone, especially with women. Every guy’s been scared to approach a woman at some point in their life. It’s perfectly normal. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, it’s even an irrational fear. It’s one girl, but if she doesn’t like you, you’ll fall into a pit of despair and always be alone forever.

    One of the big differences between guys who are good with women and guys who aren’t is that guys who are overcame their fear.
    How did they do that?

    The same way Eric. They confronted it. Eric goes out there each and every time and delivers a great speech. Guys who are good with women just go up and approach them.

    They realize the worst that can happen is she doesn’t like you. You won’t get your head bitten off, you won’t get beaten up, you certainly won’t die or anything. She’s only a girl. And there’s always another.

    You just have to do it. That’s the only way you know that there really is nothing to fear.

    You might be lonely now, but how you expect not to be if you don’t do anything about it?

    You can’t let your fear conquer you. You have got to get out there and live as full a life as you can.

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    J-Rex Guest

    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    Once again, too lazy to read all the replies. SO sorry if I'm repeating anybody. But 2 things that might be helpful.

    - In your mind, there should be no difference between sarging a HB4 and a HB10.

    - One exercise I've heard is to walk up to complete strangers, especially hot women, and say completely ridiculous things, and then walking away. It'll make a normal approach seem much less scary by comparison.

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    Default Re: How To Get Over Shyness

    im an extrovert by nature but do this in set all the time. Roll play is a great way to build comfort and also builds to sexual Tension!

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