For those of you that are fairly new to the pua community. An internal locus is a internal belief system where you draw confidence from within, where as an external locus is where you draw confidence from the outside world.

Most confident people in the world are powered by an external locus, the problem with this is that your confidence is based on your surrounding(friends, girls, skill set or your enviorment). If any of these go, you lose your confidence.

When I was in highschool, I was an AMOG. I had girls asking me out constantly and friends everywhere. I was cocky, I had fun, but my confidence was external. When I was forced to change schools, my enviorment driven confidence was gone. I was the shy kid suddenly, without cause for 2 years. I spent 3 years of my life, reading books: self help, leadership and most importantly pickup.

I understand how helpless you feel being stuck in that hole. Wether you fell in or were stuck there your entire life. So im going to help you out and tell you how I created an internal locust.

Almost everything that helped me the most were either adopted from the books I read or my Alpha father.

Before I start, I need to say that your Mindset must first be filled with positivity. Focus on getting rid of the negativity.

A)Think of the present

The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up over the past, learn briefly from the past and drop it. Even worse than worrying about the past is worrying about the future. Alphas never worry of the future, all this does is beat yourself up over something that hasnt happened, what is something that doesnt exist and is made up in your head. It is pure fiction. You might as well be afraid of vampires and the boogieman. We are not children, we are men.

B)Staying in your own head

Alphas think in there mind. They do what they want regardless of what others think. If your entire life is driven by the thoughts of others you will be a tool to there means and not to that of your own.

C) Believing your good enough

My dad was smoothest mother farker you will ever meet in your life, he dated the most beautiful women and ruled a room filled with strangers in a matter of minutes. Ive studied him and i used to repeat things id see him say to beautiful women in hopes of finding out how he did it. And it wasnt until I started thinking like him did I understand how he does it. The only thing that made this possible for him was that he believed he was a good talker. And that in itself made him a good talker. I now can walk up to a random women, without comfort, and instantly become her best friend.

D) Finally, adopting strong beliefs

I used to be wishy washy. Id sway to what ever the beliefs of those around me were. To fix that I studied and implemented that which I read and everytime somebody would voice an opinion, Id stop and think about where I stood on that line and eventually after repeating these thoughts over and over they became strongly held beliefs.

When ever my confidence is shaky. I take these out and find which of these I'm missing and I fix it.

Best of luck to those of you in the hole, I know how terrible it is to not believe in yourself and how frustrating it maybe. I hope you make it out.