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    MHJ Guest

    Default Studying Psychology Books

    For some, this may seem a little out there. However, it is always very helpful to read as many psychology books as possible if you have fears and anxiety. Granted, there's no way an individual can self diagnose or cure a personality disorder. But, insght into a particular Mindset or condition can prove very helpful.

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    DianaR Guest


    After you read the books, focuse on ways to cope with your anxiety. Don't put too much presure on yourself to reach a specific goal. Just get through the experience, first!

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    manojjonam10 Guest


    Yeah, I agree with you. It is better to understand the Mindset of people before moving further. It helps us to analyze what type of person they are and helps us to know their likes and dislikes.

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    MHJ Guest


    There is such a wealth of information present in psychology books that most people would surprised at their overall value.


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