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    Default what to say to avoid ..

    I was txting a girl and she wanted to hangout but I had no excuses to use I didn't want to say I am on unemployment and unemployed so I told her that I didn't have a full time job because I do work side jobs when I find em .. How is best way to handle it trust me I have tried to find a job it's a rural area and hard to find but I am still trying online so for everyone that's gonna say get a job there my reply.. So for some good advice for people in financial hardships what is the best way to combat this problem, I am sure others are dying for same answer

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    Default Re: what to say to avoid ..

    There was a similar post and I will tell you this. AMBITION is your best friend. It shows that you are happy where you are NOW because you know where you'll BE. Also you can turn it into a game. Tell her that she has to pay for all your dates and you will only have sex with her if she buys you things because you are materialistic. These are just a couple of ideas you could use. But the main thing is be comfortable where you are now and show you have ambition.

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