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    Default The Power Of Pivots

    So, I was out the other night and certain events gave me an idea, an idea I found already existed, but that happens with me a lot, some of Mystery's theories stated in the game are theories I had already, I, like Mystery, also love theories lol.

    I was out with a female friend and 2 of her friends I hadn't met. They were both good looking girls, a 7 and a 9 I'd say. I got on with them great. I decided not to run game on them, both in LTRs. So the three of us are dancing and I decide to spin them both round at the same time. They went along with it. Next thing I know some guy, who had earlier been rejected by the 7, comes over to shake my had and says "nice one, mate, you got in there good". This happened a few times. I was suddenly the king to all guys in the room, it was a Wednesday night, so not too many people. And girls had noticed too.

    So I thought "hmm that's good for social proof". It would probably mix in well with Suave Kino's Kino's Club Game (To Loud To Talk) (if you haven't read that, read it, it's good stuff). The next day I found some videos on YouTube of Mystery and Love Drop. (I'm posting this from my phone so I'll edit later and add a link when I'm on my laptop) Mystery, using the example of spinning a girl, says because you made a big gesture like that people notice and, because of flash photo memory, people around automatically think you're a person who's around women a lot because that's the image imprinted in their brains - you spinning the girl(s). So then, girls are like "who's this guy interacting with all these girls. There must be something about him. I want in on that." It makes sense really.

    So a few nights later, I decide to try this again, as it's a night when the club is more full and I'm out with the same female friends and 6 others. All nice looking girls really. I informed the friend of a couple of ideas and she was all up for being my Pivot knowledgeably lol. So I did the same with all the girls this time, in the middle of the dance floor and other places. Same effect! Most guys I walked past cheered or wanted to shake my hand and I definitely got a couple of proximity alerts from girls. I didn't capitalise, my game involves talking, I'm not unaffected but I'm not that attractive either lol, so loud clubs throw me a little. I'm kicking myself now, because I already did the work with social proof so capitalising wouldn't have been that hard. Looks didn't matter at that point because girls were already wanting to meet me because of the social profit I'd done.

    So, give this a go. You may be surprised by the results

    : GeMiNi :&

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    Default Re: The Power Of Pivots

    Good stuff, Gemini. You're advancing

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