first off - race is not an issue for most Americans... but some people, culture, will come into play.... but u should not worry, if she accepts u, she will be with u despite disapproval from fam/friends.

for me... Americans have been the most accepting of races... but, as i see it, the asian culture puts taboos on dating outside their race. sorry - that's just how i see it and i AM asian.

but, i also see that, when a man does not give up, the woman will help him against her culture despite lack of approval.

why is there a barrier with culture.? as i see it, asians have a hierarchy system in place that places great emphasis on respecting those older than u - to the point that u cannot argue with someone older than u even if they're wrong.

there's also the language bond wheb u can communicate in the native language. the holiday bond, the fashion bond, the commonality of families bond.

.. again - don't let this stuff prevent u from doing what ur wired to do. just now u can understand that u r at a disadvantage for a reason.