So, the other day I was out in a club with some friends. I was getting a definite proximity alert from a 3 set.

I'm sure of this because they had no other reason to be there. Some of their friends were on the dancefloor and they were on the edge of it (we were by a table just off the dancefloor, my friends were all sat down I was doing some funny take the p1ss dances and entertaining lol) and there was a huge unoccuied gap of the dancefloor in front of them, so they weren't trying to avoid being bumped into. Plus, i did some spins and stuff for a laugh and saw they were definitely looking over and looked away when in my eyeline.

I decided to ignore them for a while. One, to create anticipation, 2 to see how long they would stay there. They were there for 20 minutes!

I'm sure this would be different in a different environment, and maybe diffrent firls, but I'll try this again and see if I can get an average time they'll stick around. If i find one, I'll wait until a couple of mins before that to approach. By then they'll be giving up hope and more grateful for the approach.

I'll let you know my findings.

: GeMiNi :&