Just a couple of days ago I met a guy whose sons work as interpreters in Afghanistan. He was telling me that I should learn Persian, so I could make lots of money (six figure incomes). I had to laugh because I kept thinking that the Persian women would be my main motivation. They have especially beautiful noses, and the ex-pats in the US are always impressed when a "white guy" knows about their culture.

Last Thursday I decided to switch up my game and use more direct openers, compliments and other direct behavior. One guy got really pissed off at me for hitting on his sister, but otherwise it seems to work better than the passive situational openers and indirect teasing that I had been using.

I've found that the best teasing comes from making the small talk into something sexy. "Where are you from?" "Isfahan." "Oh, not another girl from Isfahan. They're always divas." Or you could ask, "Oh, are you related to (famous poet from Isfahan?" Or "Not another fan of (local sports team)." I personally just use Wikipedia to look up the details.

When I lived in South America, I paid just enough attention to sports and culture to make small talk and tease people for whatever they liked. Most AFCs are going to say, "I love (whatever she loves)." It sets you apart to bust on them and make them defend their opinions, interests, etc. Obviously it's a game of push-and-pull, so don't err too far in one direction.