Ok, when you've been in the community for a certain amount of time you'll find books talk about two different types of body language. One is for Seduction purposes the other is being likable. If you do one for the other purpose you'll fall flat.
I dont know if this seems true for every pua, but I was exclusively in seductive body language. I made lots of lady friends but had it hard with making genuine connections. Then I figured this out and my life became so much easier to manage.
To make someone like you as a friend, you must match bodylanguage. Smile a lot and genuinely be interested in who they are. You first lean in when they talk and tilt your head forward slightly. This is the kind of thing you will read in non-pua books on getting people to like you and generally messed me up when ever I used it on women so for the first year of pickup I completely ignored it.
This is the complete opposite of the first. If you want to seduce a women. You must at first act disinterested almost. Lean back at all times. Don't match her bodylanguage, smile less. This goes against common sense and seperates puas from afcs.

I want everyones views on this but I discovered this 4 months ago and its been working incredibly well for me.