There is this HB7 that I would like to open and meet. I seen her at a local bike night we have here in my town. I'm pretty sure she is single. She has her own sportbike which is sexy as hell. I seen her once before. She seems really friendly. The last and only time I seen her was at the last bike night about 2 months ago. I noticed the group of guys she rides with talking so I fugure If I introduce myself with the group I can know more about the HB7. Anyway I opened up the set and hit it off with the group. Didnt show any interest in HB7 bc wasnt sure if she was dating one of the guys. After about an hr of talking the lead guy in their group ask me to go for a ride with them. We all leave and I had to show off and ride a wheelie in front of the HB7 which none of their group has the skills to do. Pull into a gas station for fuel with two of the guys in their group. The group got split up by this point so I figured I miss my chance. While getting fuel I hear a bike coming and Its her by herself. She pulls up and talks to the two guys she knows while staring at me a couple times while im pumping fuel. Told the guys she is heading home and she made a good comment about my wheelie and was laughing with me. She seem real friendly. Told me bye and drove off. Anyway I suck at opening and bike night is tonight again. I'm sure I can just use "hey" but I need something that sets me apart from all the other guys that hit on her every bike night she attends. She is the only female rider in their group so I know every single guy is trying. I'm proud of myself just for opening their set bc I was riding solo and new in town with not many friends. Any advice guys? She doesant know my name or anything about me. Keep in mind she will have guys around her all night. Im thinking of opening with "hey" then after her recognizing me ask her "so which one of these guys your dating?" When she says no one I'll transition into " how did you get into riding then?"