peacocking is your way of showing the girls that you are not like all the other AFCs in the club. Here's a few basic Peacock items to wear in field or even out of field:

Fedora hats- just plain awesome my man!
LED belt- gets you noticed very easily and you'll certainly stand out!
Tiedye shirt- works for me just fine.
T-qualizer - light up t-shirt that lights to the music!!!
Mardi Gras/ generic plastic beads- (WHEN they ask about them, explain how you 'earned them' in New Orleans
Random Piercings- be careful, lots of girls don't like them, but many do, so my advise is keep it to a few.
Bracelets - wear at least two.
Necklaces - a must. get a nice one, don't be afraid to spend here.
Watch - something around $100 that is not too plain or too flashy. A leather band is nice.
Makeup - try it out... maybe even throw on some guy-liner if you are confident.