Hey guys.

I know a lot of you will know this, but for my fellow rookies out there, I want to point this out.

Do NOT underestimate the power of Kino. It took so long for me to include it in my sarges and there is a huge improvement since I did.

Not using kino is a sure fire way to get LJBFd. Think of it this way, Kino is a way of getting her body physiologically used to yours, I think Mystery said this. Think about it, if you have had little or no physical interaction with her, she is not used to you being close to her and having physical contact so if it later comes to a tense kiss moment, she will feel uncomfortable so she'ss think she won't want to. What's the most likely conclusion she'll come to for being uncomfortable with it? That she sees you as a friend.

So yeah, don't forget to include it

: GeMiNi :&