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    Default How to close Japanese girls in Japan?

    First some background.

    I met her last year in the USA studying English, we hit it off but I didn't try anything heavy with her as it was a bad situation because of a friend (long story). For the way japanese people is, I wasn't sure if I was working her right until that summer's last night we went out partying and she drank a little bit. SHE gave me heavy Kino and faced me 100%, and my friends had to separate her from me. That was 1 year ago.

    One [really shy] Japanese guy told me she was the hottest girl he had ever seen, so I think she could be considered a 9/10 easily.


    I came to Japan 2 days ago to study Japanese, to know the country and to have fun (including meeting girls). She told me to meet like many times, so I met her this morning. Everything was as hellish cold as it's always with all Japanese people, but I got her laughing all the time and gave a little (too much anyway) kino. We went to a purikura, then to a place I liked from yday which was closed and then to a small restaurant to have some cake and a soft drink.

    She mentioned her boyfriend 2 times. First she asked me not tu upload the pictures to facebook because of her bf (just said okay), later when I asked her if she liked to go out to parties in Japan and she told me that her boyfriend didn't let her nor he was happy with we 2 meeting (told her about how things work a bit different in Europe but not blaming the bf).

    I've read something about many Japanese girls only kissing bf/gf and that you should say that you have just MOVED, not only TRAVELING, as this makes them think they have a chance for a long term relationship so they are more likely to go further. She asked me how long I was staying and I said 1 month, but she knew that already.

    When we were at the subway station, I wanted to give it a try. So I did a 'would you like to kiss me?', getting a 'no' and some smiles/small laugh (pressure relief? It wasn't mean at all). I was cool with it like, step back smiling and 'okay, that's fine, I was just curious. [Pause] but why, because of your bf or because you don't want to', and she only said 'because I'm Japanese and we don't do that'.


    Any advice for the future? How should I try to *close her or some Japanese girl in the future? Getting her (or anyone) drunk so they get more comfortable is NOT what I want. Kino is REALLY violent for them if you are not together, and I have not a private room close enough.

    I've found a 'decent' opener for Japan, saying that I want to practice Japanese and have a small talk. I'll practice tomorrow many times. It's truth, it's non threatening and it's cool. Most occidental openers don't work here.

    The other one would be to ask for directions. That DOES work here with HB 6/7, as they walk with you for a long way so you can speak with them. This one is not 100% effective, but which one is?

    PS, reward the few Japanese girls that dare to look in the eyes with a wink. For their f**** big smiles, I know that that made their day.
    My English is probably not completely right and you might need an extra effort to figure out what I actually meant. Also I'm not a pro, but I keep practicing and learning almost every day.

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    Default re: How to close Japanese girls in Japan?

    Ok sir I have to tell that I have not been to Japan but Have dated natives that were exchange students. They do have a much different culture.

    Japan is very frustrating. You have to keep in mind this is a country that idolizes the romance as dominance. PDA is completely taboo. Also when I say dominance I mean their idea of almost any romance is either the man or woman being so forceful with the opposite sex that we would say it was border line rape.

    The more you stand out in Japan the more you are avoided. However if you want to start getting wild, really be wild and there will be some that flock to you. I never put japan on my list because even if I fulfilled their fantisies to the t it would scar me.

    If you are dead set though on the girl with the BF grab her and kiss her when you are really alone. That will show her true colors and don't back down when she say something like I shouldn't be doing this. Say something like but you and I want to!

    You do have an advantage though good sir you are foreign and forbidden fruit. Exploit it! Tell them that they would be luck to have a big American to grab and hold them.

    Hope it helps
    Fat Kyle

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    Default re: How to close Japanese girls in Japan?

    Speaking of Japanese women, if this helps you any, they have a particular set they respond to, first, the fact that you have shown interest to the culture instantly attracts them because you have learned the native tongue you are on the road to success trust me. Being here in Okinawa and hiroshima Japan I have learned that it is true these women do not respond in a similar fashion to American women. There are very few whom flock to the peacocking and they either do or do not like Americans there is no grey area with these women. The opener's I get the most responses from are usually in the native tongue but they are extreme and funny to them which breaks the ice immediately, some may see this as a way of looking like a fool by intentionally utilizing the language barrier as a crutch, but it has always brought me success. In groups there is always someone to open who knows some bit of english which always makes things a lil bit easier. There are also many areas that are "gajin" friendly and with simple openers they melt. You are correct, they will analyze you to see if you fit the bill of a long term relationship, but keep it simple and in perspective when dealing with these women, you MUST be in control, they hate to be blown off and they are loyal, be sure to capitalize on on this fact it will save you time and effort. Hope this helps, need any more info let me know.
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