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    Default Love Spell Opener IMPROVED

    Tell me what you think!!
    -----------------------------------------------------------------(direct opener)
    "Hey guys." (Wait till get attention. That's important)
    "I have to go in a minute but I saw you and I wanted to see what you're like."
    (If they look like they want to invest with "uh-uh" let them invest)
    "My friends and I were arguing over a point recently and I think I could use a female perspective."
    --------------------------------------------------------------------(The Question)
    “My best friend in the world was dating this girl and right from the start it was obvious that she was NOT HIS type, he’s a really picky guy, but since it’s so important not be rude he had to finish the date. After she left his house, he found that she left this really WEIRD bag full of feathers and some weird writing on it. And then he couldn’t stop thinking about her. If you had to guess would you be inclined to say it was a magic love spell or some psychological effect?”

    “Where is your inner professor? Where is your spiritual side?” (Tease)

    “So what happened was that she denied the whole the thing and they ended up taking boat rides together, exotic places but it didn’t finish well. She ended up scamming him for several thousands.” (Opener Originally from mystery method)

    Things to Talk About
    -The Placebo Effect. -Do you believe in magic?
    WHY I Like this Opener.
    Because it shows that I have a "level 10 friend" so this is SUPER-POWERFUL pre-selection. They went on boat rides and exotic places together shows that my best friend is rich. So if I really rich guys is my best friend, i must be awesome.
    Tell me what you guys think.

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    Default Re: Love Spell Opener IMPROVED

    i love it but i recently improved it as well and i say that he dreams of her every night and it getting really awkward and he talks about her every where but ill throw that in sound good

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