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    Default Kiss Close after direct game With HB8 and HB9

    It works so well. Before last night i was only into approaching sets and playing Indirect Game; now i cant see any other way of approaching.

    It started at around 9pm when i went to a friends house for Fifa. 6 guys goofing around telling tales and playing soccer on the tele. At 2, we decided to call the fifa off and head out for some pizza. So we hit the streets in search of a pizza place worthy enough. After grabing pizza we walking across the street and sat down to eat. as we sit down we see to HB9s just casually walking by. i thought of every way to approach and within a split second of sitting down i was ready to jump up and go. however i had to pull back cause i was hungry and they were walking away from me. So i was patient. Everybody at the table was enjoying the eye candy and talking about as if they were gods. Me being the youngest they thought i would have a lot to say but i just kept quit and kept my mind blank. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE, before APPROACHING do NOT think ABOUT what YOU are GOING to SAY!! sure enough they were making their way back over. when they were ten yards away i told my crew to enjoy. they all looked around curious as to what i meant. I got up, and with confidence i approached.
    Me: Hey! Don't be startled!
    Yasmin: Okay
    Donna: yeah
    Me: I find you two ladies absolutely gorgeous, and your demeanor, the way you two carry yourself is attractive. I had to talk to you and find out your names.
    Yasmin thats very kind
    Me: I'm Peck, whats your name.
    Yasmin: are we giving fake names "Peck"
    Me: And your name?
    Donna: im Donna (blonde, tall, athletic build, easy on the eyes, HB8, all american.)
    Yasmin: Im Yasmin (Brunette, Not as tall, but still around 5'9, Hazel Eyes, Petite/Athletic Build, HB9.5, Argentinian.)
    Me: Dont worry, you will learn my legal name later.
    Yasmin: (smiles)
    Me: Well Donna, Yasmin. ( i gently grab above their elbows) You two are Beautiful. WHERE ARE YOU FROM?
    DONNA: blah blah im a mutt ( sorry for the blahs im getting really tired or wwriting and editing)
    I gave her a high five cause i too have 9 different nationalities.
    Yas: I am from Argentina.
    ME: AWESOME. Diverse and exotic. Wonderful.

    Me: you ladies seem to be dresses up tho, Whats the Occasion?
    Donna: We work here.
    Me: escorts or bartenders??
    Yasmin: :O uh, no. what mkes you think that?
    Me: I was just thinking out side of the box. The way you two are dressed its............cute, but at the same time wildly sexy.
    Yas & D :Awww, thanks, your not so bad your..
    Me: (interrupting) Hey i have been walking around for a while, mind if we sit.

    we sit at a near by table right next to my group of friends.

    Me: but working here must be fun, must be easy!
    D&Y: what do you mean?
    Me: All you ladies have to do is show a little deavage give a (Nap) dance and the guy will buy you a car.
    Donna : not for me, its all in the A**. Thats what i like.
    Yas: yeah, same for me.
    Me: true, but you have three ways to make a man beg. Headlights, A**, and your....*using both hands to make a small gesture towards their pride and joys, while keeping eye contact with Yas.* You could end world wars with your weapon!
    Donna & Yas: omg yeah, LOL
    Donna : but then again its hard to have one, i would like to know what its like to have a D!c!< for a day.
    Me: uhm....okay, * i turn to Yas* Is she always like this?
    Donna: Yeah
    Me: Glad to know you are outgoing; Thats sexy, you have gauges!
    Donna: thanks, yeah i got them a couple years ago.
    ME: WHILE WE ARE TALKING, me and a couple of friends got into an arguement about who lies more, we need a females opinion.
    Donna and yas went off on this topic and gave their honest opinion along with little stories to prove their point. After i initiated the background check. (asking questions)
    Yas:......*starring off in the distance*
    Me: Do you have some place to go? Your boyfriend doesnt like me giving you attention?
    Yas: No just my friends are over there.
    Me: *putting my hand on her leg, while turning to call her other girl friend over.
    Friend: Who are you?
    Me: *Stands up* Im Peck
    Friend: im blah, sorry guys i forgot her name.
    Me: Nice to meet you, here, take my seat.
    Friend: Now that a true farking gentleman
    Yas: smiles
    Me: We were just talking about the level of which men and women lie, care to give your opinion.

    Me: So what can you do in this area for fun?
    Yas: How old are you.
    Me: 20
    Yas: alright, well go clubbing, grab some food along this street, hit the the beach, play volleyball.
    (this was key, i need active women and she plays the sport i love with a passion. I WANT HER BADLY!!)
    Me: well i would love to head in but my friends are out here, why dont u just bring drinks out here and i will buy them.
    Yas: Really?!?!
    Me: -__- No
    Yas: oh....
    Donna: That was rude
    Yas and her friend are now talking about something
    Me: Donna, im sorry. you couldnt tell im being sarcastic
    Donna: not really
    Me: Is your natural hair color blonde by any chance??
    Donna: (smiles) omg shut up (laughs quietly)
    Yas: gets up and leaves

    Now im turning all my focus to the friend and donna while relating yasmin to the convo, but only light negs or a small joke. Finally Donna had to wait tables because they are "shot girls". It was just me, so i got up and went to sit with my friends. They were baffled. started asking all these questions. I had my back turned to Yas and Donna, so when they cam back, my friends were quick to tell me.

    My friends: Dude they are coming back, they are sitting down.
    Me: Yeah i know.

    I sat with my friends for a while and then decided to head back over cause yas and Donna where looking over at me.

    Me: Just like that, i feel much better.
    Donna: (smiles)
    Yas: why is that?
    Me: the Vibe you two are giving off is pleasant, comfortable, intriguing. Unlike my friends who are lame and silent.
    Yas: you shouldn't say that, they seem......nice
    Me: oh yeah would you give anyone over there a chance
    Yas: maybe, if they walk up and started talking.
    Me: .....yeah they are not going to do that.
    Yas: Why not
    Me: cause they are scared, they believe that anyone who isnt famous wouldn't be caught dead with you.
    Yas: oh, what about you
    Me: Im over here talking to you now.
    Yas: (smiles)

    Donna has now returned and is accompanied by her friends. they sit down and we pick up chit chat. A male friend show up and sits down a couple tables away. Donna gets up and leaves (she sneaks a wink at me while heading over). Yasmin invites me over to her table. I agree but then i go sit with my friends. They see im not moving and come visit my table with my friends. As they walked over, my friends got quite and their heads bobbed down. Yasmin said hello and a hush choir of out of sync hellos escaped my friends. I used this to pull Donna in close and whisper my observation to her. She laughs and Yasmin wants to know what is so funny. So i pull her in really close sneak a kiss then whisper my observation to her. she laughed, and i wanted to go back to our original table. But Donna and Yas wanted to see my friends. So i got Yas and Donna a chair and we started talking again. I interrupted them to tell my friend that he needs to move his car cause i had to leave. I turned to Yas and asked her if we can link up later, i asked for her e-mail. She giggled......
    Yas:......what you dont want my facebook.
    Me: I dont have one, i use myspace
    Yas: lol thats so old, omg
    Me: texting would be easier

    Yas entered her number.

    Me: Thank you ladies for entertaining me ( devious smile)

    I went for a handshake, and asked her about her culture, when it comes to goodbyes, you usually kiss.

    She stood up and we kissed, not the cheek to cheek tho. If you know what i mean.
    I turned to Donna and kissed her on the cheek.

    Asked for their names again, then turned to lead my friends towards the car and away from the corner where we ate.

    As soon as we crossed the street the compliments and comments began. They want me to teach them everything from beginning to end.
    I am now looked up to as god. The only thing i used to prepair me for the direct game, beside the theory behind it, i watched a video by sasha. the man is legendary!!
    Anyways thats it. Proud of my self and thankful that i was able to learn all that i have from you guys.

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    Default Re: Kiss Close after direct game With HB8 and HB9

    I applaud to you, dear sir. Very well done. Direct Game is gaining ground on these forums, and for good reasons. Looking forward to your next field posts.

    600th post!
    Last edited by Virgil; 07-06-2012 at 11:45 AM.

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    Default Re: Kiss Close after direct game With HB8 and HB9

    Well done man, I also applaud. Shows you can do just about anything with confidence and solid game.


    Great advice man, thanks.

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