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    Default CRITICAL Day Game Lessons. Must Read.

    Hey guys, I thought I'd put in some important lessons about day game.
    These lessons apply to meeting women in stores, busses and other daygame places.

    1. Understanding the differences between the Direct and the Indirect Approach.
    Going Direct. EXAMPLE:
    I gotta get back to my friends in a moment. But I noticed you and I wanted to see what you were like." (Then you do some routine)
    THE PRO's.
    1. You can move forward w/ the girl a lot faster.
    2. You can walk up to a girl from quite a distance.
    (But if you go indirect you have to find the girl without her noticing you staring (bc that looks creepy) and you have to position yourself next to her before the opening so you can pretend to be spontaneous).
    3. It can be a time savor. If the girl really isn't interested you'll know that faster.
    4. If pulled off it shows real balls and confidence.
    THE CON's.
    1. It's more of a risky opener. She can make the decision to block you off within 5 seconds and you didn't even get a chance to display your attractive qualities.
    Going Indirect. EXAMPLE:
    Observational or functional opener. Look and sound disinterested. And then interesting question that's relevant to situation. And then soon you can go from there to a routine, because from small talk to big talk is natural.
    THE PRO's.
    1. It's a lot safer because you're "going under the rador." The girl isn't forced to make the decision "Do I want to know this guy" right away and that gives you time to convey your personality.
    THE CON's.
    1. It's harder to transition to normal conversation w/o showing interest. If you're tranisiton isn't smooth you show interest and that would be incongruent with your indirect opener (which is based on lack of interest) and that results in her feeling "Why is this guy talking to me??" and "He's not authentic."

    My Opinion on The Bottom Line.
    If you're short on time and there's a lot chicks you can go direct.
    (If there alot of chicks try to make sure that each one doesn't see you approach the other one. Because if they see you get blown off your social proof goes down and they will be encouraged to do the same).
    Also, if you feel that she won't blow you off before you display attraction material because either a) she's waiting on line and not walking or b) you generate a lot of attraction in the direct opener you can go direct. Also, if you're sitting on one side of the train and she sitting on the other there's literally no way you can go indirect. You have no choice but to go direct because when you come across to the other side you're demonstrating a lot of interest (this just goes to show: sit next to hot chicks when choosing seats on bus so you can go indirect).
    But if you want to play it safe, go indirect.

    Lesson 2 in Day Game
    2. Don't Look Like You Have Hidden Intentions
    Basically, I believe that if the target doesn't know what you're intentions are the target gets scared and crept out. Back when I was an AFC, I had girls tell me "My husband is right near by." Make your intentions known and make sure it hits them well and they get it.
    (I'll explain this further in a moment so hold back your objections).

    In Direct Openers. Obviously your intentions are known.

    In Indirect Openers. The intention has to be "I'm just being social and having fun."
    Or "I gotta stay in this place for sometime and I thought I'd have some fun with you." If your transitions are smooth they will understand these are your intentions AUTOMATICALLY. But if a transition was rough and she seems not-super interested you may want to add in "I know this is random but it's been on my mind for some time and I can use a female perspective." "Or i'm kinda bored so i'm asking you this random question."
    (Say it as a matter of fact, not like you're trying to defend yourself because you really care about what she thinks of you).
    (In night game everyone knows everyone's intentions so this isn't applicable).

    Ok. So you guys might be thinking "Oh, you're defending yourself for being a man. You don't need to give any reasons for approach because you're internally validated and you don't care about what others think." (inner game stuff)

    My response to that possible objection.
    Dude. Women are crept out by hidden agendas. That can get her to leave right away. Don't take that chance. Make them feel comfortable and safe and that they're not going to be scammed or raped (if in private area).

    Bottom Line.
    If you're going indirect and you had a rough transition and you've accidently demonstrated interest, state you're intent B/c you don't come off as having a hidden agenda and you'll look authentic.
    Even better, work on your indirect transitions that they could all be smooth so you can delay the statement of intention for later so you can get more attraction material in without having to risk her rejecting or leaving you by stating intent.
    Tell me what you guys think!!

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    Default Re: CRITICAL Day Game Lessons. Must Read.

    If you want Mehow has some of the best direct openers go ahead and check it out

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