After reading a post right now about IOIs that women give. I figured I'd post one of my favorite routines that always creates attraction.

Now we all know that there are subconscious IOIs that women give as a response to attraction, and trying to create attraction. These are things like her playing with her hair, leaning in to listen to you when you speak, licking her lips, etc. But what you don't understand is that by her doing these actions she is increasing her attraction for you. So why not tell her to do these things to create attraction?

Now what I do when I'm talking to an HB and I feel that she is disinterested in me, I simply make her pretend to be interested. I'll tell her "You know what you have terrible manners, But since I'm a nice guy and I believe in doing one good deed a day I'm going to teach you good manners" I follow this up by forcing IOIs on her.
I tell her to:
lean in when listening to what I'm saying
point your feet at me when you sit
play with your hair
tilt your head
laugh at my jokes more than you really would
touch me when you speak
and of course... SMILE!

For each of these I tell why its polite to do so and rude not to busting her balls and forcing more and more ioi's upon her. Now this has two effects: 1) is that by doing these actions that demonstrate attraction she will subconsciously succumb to these actions and feel the attraction that she is pretending to have. 2) by forcing her to seem overly interested and flirting with you it creates activates on of the four switches of attraction in other women, you're preselected by women.

Finally, I only use this routine in day game. There are too many distractions during Night game for this to work effectively however you can use one or two of the IOI's to force on a target during night game and have it work phenomenally. Secondly, this is most effective on 9s and 10s its a huge neg on them for criticizing their manners.