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Thread: Attraction Switches Explained

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    Default Attraction Switches Explained

    I'm no expert in attraction building but I found that by categorizing many of the attraction switches really helped me understand attraction that much better.

    Alpha is anything that puts you above other guys in terms of survival that are mearly social.

    -Bodylanguage: Basically monkey see, monkey do. Theirs a way alphas move and speak that makes one instantly more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.
    Ex: Shoulders back, head high, feet at least a meter apart, comfortable. Tonality is loud and your words are spoken slowly and laxidazically.

    -Leadership: Leader of people. You have followers that beckon to your whim and unwavering of your values
    Ex: You can either dhv this into a situation or you can show it to her by actually having this in your life. By telling her to do something, not asking. By being in control of yourself and the situation. Sticking to your guns no matter what.

    -Preselection: Showing women want you and that you are in demand.
    Ex. You could have women around you. DHV it into the situation.

    -Frame Control: Strong View of the world. The most charismatic people in the world have these and seem to suck everyone else in. This I feel is strongly attached to Leadership.
    Ex: Is unshaken by sh1t tests and has a stronger emotion than his target(if shes crabby and your happy, you remain happy no matter what).

    Women are emotional creatures and are drawn to emotionally stimulating enviorments. They love soap operahs, reality T.V., Drama, motorcycles and Bad boys for this reason.

    -Adventorous and Wild: Being a fun and exciting. Trying new things and having an awesome life.
    Ex: Expressing cool hobbies, instant dates, spontaneous and storytelling.

    -Humor: One of my favorite and is a great way to flip the emotional switch. Is good for releasing tension and gaining comfort.
    Ex: Clever Banter, Games.

    -Interesting and Unpredictable: Doing things that weren't expected and being hard to pin.
    Ex: Being both the bad boy and the romantic. Doing things that are usually opposite of your nature.

    This one is often ignored by the community but I think it should be a discussed topic. What do you look like, how do you keep yourself. Do you have a wealthy life style. You see this come into play when you see elder men with younger beautiful women. I know most people on this forum despise this but its the honest truth.

    -Physique: How well do you take care of yourself. Do you workout often. Is your skin and hair well kept or at least congruent to a style.
    Ex: Smelling good. Looking good. And putting out an image(are you a rocker, a buisness type. Avoid the image of people that are considered introvert because that will be the HBs immediate impression of you.)

    -Material: What do you have of value.
    Ex: Do you have a nice house. A comfortable life. If you do have these things, don't ever shove it in the girls face. Let her figure it out. It will make her admire you more when she does.

    I almost didn't add this one because of the lack of attraction in this one, but this is key in having a relationship with a girl and locking in a woman after she leaves.

    -Connection: By making similarity between you. By making yourself seemingly similar and connected.
    Ex: Deep and wide rapport

    -Ambitious: By wanting more or having it.
    Ex: By expressing your dreams and future.

    This is my Attraction work sheet and covers the attraction switches that many different mentors cover. I hated how they seemed to be all over so I figured I'd simplify it a little. If anyone has any tweaks they'd like to add to this I want to hear it.
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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    Default Re: Attraction Switches Explained

    Good thread, thumbs up !


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    Default Re: Attraction Switches Explained

    love it mane. keep it coming for us the AFC's

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    Default Re: Attraction Switches Explained

    Nice one! *takes notes

    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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