First of, before I get to topic, I wasn't sure whereto post this or if it had already been answered, so if it has to be moved or is already around just point it out to me

Basically, long story short, theres a girl I used to know on my facebook and I havent talked to her in a while. I've change a lot since I last saw her though let me give some background...

I never really used to know her that well, we would only ever joke around a bit and thr wasn't all to common. We used to go to school together and thats how I know her. Shes kinda hot, but Lol she just has such an awesome personality, and I wanted to have a shot, whats to lose right?

So here I am asking for advice and tips from my more experience PUAs on how I would go about engaging her by facebook, and how I would lead this into her coming out with me with a group of friends to eventually a date.

It seems a bit farfetched though, I mean is it even possible?