Here's an example of scoring a number with the initial opening email.

The key point is to pay attention to little things in her profile & show her you read it, as well as being totally different from the rest of the guys flooding her with lame messages!

Here we go:

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July 02
I wrote: What's up little "Spartan"!
Heya krissy,

I really like The Vibe of your profile....
Short, to the point, AND it was more unique than most of the ones I've read.
So, I decided to be sociable & introduce myself, I'm Mark.

A few things about you that grabbed my attention were: Sushi, Michigan State, Spontaneity, Feisty... and the "smell good" bonus! LOL!

I get the feeling you have a great (& somewhat wacky) sense of humor.

Anyway, I'm always looking for new places to try sushi, AND people to go with me.
You seem like you'd be a blast to hang out with....

****Her Reply****

RE: What's up little "Spartan"!

Mark, You had me at heya!

Kris 615-xxx-xxxx

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This one is REALLY shy & reserved as I found out later that evening when I called her.
She's super cool, but very cautious, which I actually kinda dig!

I'll be doing a lot of "studying" in this case, & trying different ideas, taking notes.. etc.

Definitely a more unique situation, but worth the experience for sure!