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    Default Inner Gamer Issues

    So here's my deal. I have made 10 approaches since I got into THE GAME this year. After getting punk'd enough by women I finally went over the bloomin edge and now I am flippin going for it. I used to be total AFC trying to win that "ONE" girl to be mine and would always contract ONEITIS wondering if she was "the one". So at first I was super nervous to approach women. I had an abudance of women back in the day. I would switch GF's as often as I liked and so forth. Now that I am older chicks are all serious and stuff wanting you to pass their fitness tests and go through the motions.

    So I have finally got past my aa. My first approach was a 2 set in a Bar and it was a pure living hell. I was AFC, was wussy like, no confidence, and hovering. After a while as I continued to press in and make more approaches now I am like "sweet let's do this". Even if I am low energy I just roll with it. I noticed being low energy I am indifferent and a lot more confidence but less socially adapt. Either way I am doing good no longer suffering from AA or ONEITIS. But what I am struggling with is inner game issues. Whether it is Kino Escalating or creating a socially dynamic conversation I have trouble transitioning to A2 since I kind of fizzle out and don't think of any routines to run. Also getting punk'd messes up my inner game a little by getting no results from the women I have been approaching. Either way I want it where the women are chasing me some and not the other way around. I need to drive up the attraction somehow...I want to take it to the next level without being AFC.

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    Default Re: Inner Gamer Issues

    Alright man, I meant to post this a few days ago but my phone died and I forgot. Good news is I found your post again and now I can give you a hand.

    First off, I'm going to suggest that you take a few steps back from the routines. Most guys become too dependent on them when they're first starting out and it kills their inner game. Their confidence comes from their routines and lines and techniques and not themselves. You've got to have self-confidence or this game will eat you alive. It's inner game that makes you shrug off rejections like dust on your shoulder.

    In order to nail down your inner game, you've got to totally revamp the way you see the game.

    It's not about getting the girls. Getting the girls is a byproduct of who you are. The Game is about making yourself a better, sexier, more attractive person. You've got to see yourself as an alpha male who has a hell of a lot more to offer women than they have to offer you. You need to become the kind of exciting, secure, decisive guy that women can't keep their hand's off of. So let's review.

    1. Tell Yourself You're An Alpha Male. The first step to getting inner game is to know what your goal is. Without goals you can never achieve anything. You've got to have an end game that you're playing towards. Here's a great post by Virgil on the subject, it's what got me going. Repetition is a powerful thing, the more you tell yourself something the more likely you are to believe it.

    2. Act Like An Alpha Male. You've got to start putting what you read into practice. Work on your body language. The standard: heads up, shoulders back, lots of eye contact, and for god's sake smile. Talk confidently. Try to ask as few questions as possible, you want to make statements that beg an answer. Don't seek approval for others, Alpha's don't need anyone else's approval. Don't be jealous, cause there's nothing for an Alpha Male to be jealous about. No one is higher value than an Alpha Male.

    3.Be An Alpha Male Eventually this stuff will become second nature and you'll just know this stuff. Not just know, you'll embody this idea. You'll be an Alpha Male and your inner game will be solid.

    Good luck man, I hope this helps. You need anything, PM me. If I can't answer you I can point you to someone who can.
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