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    Default My magic openers

    I found these by accident on youtube when I was bored as hell and I use them. They work like a charm. The second one is a funny one/kindda cheesy but I have gotten awesome reactions because I'm always clowning around and my personality is congruent to the delivery. Enjoy!

    If you are in NC near Wilmington PLEASE DO NOT RUN THESE ALL THE TIME BAHAHAHA

    Dollar Magic Trick Revealed - YouTube

    Ok I can't find the second video but this is how it goes.

    -You pull out a dollar bill.
    -Show the side that has the eagle and ask, Can you see the eagle?
    -fold the bill in half long ways and show again and ask, Can you see the eagle?
    -fold the bill long ways again and ask the question again.
    -fold one corner inwards just a bit and ask the same question
    -fold the other corner inwards and ask again.
    -Ask her to the the rock and roll thing with her hands and head bang(this always gets them laughing their ass off) at the point be ready for resistance or whatever just keep rolling. One chic told me while laughing "my mom told me never to do this in public" bhahaha
    -tell her to point the rock and roll hand at you
    -place the bill on her finger tips and say "ok watch the bill real closely and dont move!"
    -Tell her to say out loud the words "Wing, Wing, Wing!"
    -Grab the bill and hold it to your ear like a phone and say HELLOOOO

    I know it sounds stupid but it has yet to fail sooooo take it for a spin and see how it works. Normally I'll run the one in the video first, then this one, then palm reading. Not all at the same time back to back. I spread them out but it's up to you if you wanna do it and in which order.
    To my bros who served with me.
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    Default Re: My magic openers

    The Eagle Dollar Bill routine definitely made me laugh. I re-read the post after watching the video, and you've definitely come up with a good order for this.

    *Build some initial dhv
    The Magic Two Dollar Bill builds some value for you, and walking around with a magic two dollar bill set you apart from most of the other guys.
    *Gain compliance
    Asking a series of questions creates compliance leading up to the head banging compliance that has her laughing along with you. She's playing along because she's enjoyed the interaction so far.
    *Move into Kino
    Palm reading has definitely been played in the PUA community, but you're working your way into it. You've already established that you are a clown, so this is just another silly game rather than being mysterious.

    Thanks for sharing the sequence. I'll be sharing my own successes soon.

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