Almost every good pua in the world has developed a good sense of humor. Being funny displays a playful personality, confidence and can be emotionally stimulating for a women.

But what evolutionary need does humor fill. Why not be a stoic race of creatures on this earth. Where has humor helped some survive where others have died off leaving their genes behind.

Well, the answer is a very complicated one. First off, laughter has many different funtions, but because this is a puaforum I'm going to only focus on the one that is most likely to get you laid. Back when our ancestors lived in caves and the alpha male couldn't afford to fight everytime their was a disagreement. The more he fought, the higher the chances of him dying and not being able to spread his seed. So in order to change the frame and to put down the opposing opponent, the alpha used humor. This kind of humor is a form of aggression.

In highschool you might have been picked on by an AMOG who used humor to Take Away your value while give himself some. He probably had loads of woman. Maybe, you would say something challenging to him and he retorted with a joke that logically made no sense, but still made you feel shame and changed your frame, thus putting you in a submissive relationship with him. If he didn't like what you were doing he would put you back in place.

Fast forward to your adult life, If you are in a subordinate position, like in a job, you are less likely to make a joke to their superior. But the second their boss makes a joke no matter how stupid it is suddenly the funniest joke you ever heard. If your making jokes with a women, you obviously don't hold her to high above yourself, like some needy AFC. If all this you just read is true then humor has to demonstrate:

A) Leadership Values

B) Alpha traits

C) Social Intuition

D) Non-neediness

I could talk days on the significance of humor in your game. All I can say is start developing it. First, you need an alpha state of mind to properly deliver humor on the fly. Get your mind freed up, care less about what others are thinking. And as always with the community practice makes perfect.