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    Default Friday 7/20/2012, DC bar. hi-fiving, having fun.

    I will keep this short. I was not planning on going out tonight since I had practiced music for two hours after work and went to grocery shopping after that and when I got home around 10pm, I was really tired.

    But my roommateís cousin was in town, and they invited me out, so I complied. I just remembered Steve Pavlinaís ďpower of yesĒ.

    I meditated before leaving home and I was again in a pretty good state. We went to a venue with live music. Immediately after I entered, I opened a girl, but she was not engaging at all, but it was alright. The music there was of my kind like 70ís funk, so I was dancing and actually enjoying the environment.

    Then I opened a group of three women. Just like my daygame, I did a direct approach by telling my target she was cute. The group was actually not cold or bitchy. But my target told me she had a boyfriend. I donít know if thatís true, but it doesnít matter because if she had liked me we would have talked more, and it was worth a try. Iíve really started to believe this is a numbers game.

    I was still in a good state. What I did next which I had never done before was hi-fiving people. There was a group of two couples and a girl and they looked bored, so I went up and hi-fived the whole group. But except for one person there, they had negative vibe.

    Then my state went down a little while after that and also I had to go work the next day so I left for home. I only spent $5 for the cover charge the entire time, and didnít drink at all, so I was happy about that. I stopped drinking completely since January 2012 and Iíve decided that the next time Iíll have a drink is when I f-close a girl from a cold approach. I just donít want to rely on alcohol to talk to girls. I was actually in a good state so drinking would have altered that.

    After I got home, I was happy to see myself in the mirror, and I was proud of myself just for trying. Iíve started to believe that Iím actually really cool. Iíve learned English and Spanish from zero, and also Iím on my way to mastering my vocal and instrument skills. Iíve also signed up for improv class starting in late September. Regardless of outcome this year, what I know is Iíll try to fuck a girl and it is the process that counts. If I really want to fuck a girl, Iíll go to Toronto again to fuck an escort.


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    Default Re: Friday 7/20/2012, DC bar. hi-fiving, having fun.

    Improv classes are great bro!! + there might be plenty of girls!!! good luck bud!

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