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Thread: Playing footsie then went to hotel

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    Default Playing footsie then went to hotel

    Ok so a girl who is a friend of mine and I hanging out a nice restaurant that has a bar. We're sitting at a booth and facing each other. I have my feet wider than shoulder width. She and I haven't had more than a sip of beer yet.

    Anyway, she keeps putting her feet against mine and I figure it's a footsie game going on. So I try moving my feet along hers. She backs her feet away and then reinitiates again. I swear she's giving me "the look" while this is going on. So I continue.

    She places one foot directly on mine and pretty much holds it there. Does anyone know what that means?

    Then she backs off, I initiate, then she backs off then she initiates, over and over. Well, I learnt later that she was wearing sandals... I have a feeling that that would make a difference in playing footsie. Should I have taken a shoe off and played footsie?

    Later, we get pretty smashed at the bar area, I've got my arm around her. (I'm in my game at this point). Then we go walk over to a theater nearby to watch a midnight showing of a movie, and she falls asleep during the movie.

    I had to stay the night in her town and so she was nice enough to find a hotel room online for me before we met up. And when we were standing at the hotel reception desk, she pays. I think she was just being nice, I don't know?

    So after we got done with the movie, she and I drove over to the hotel (I'm sober, she's within the legal limit). So we drove seperate cars to the hotel, we got inside and we hung out on the bed.

    I somehow get her to lay on the bed... but all we do is talk. I can't get my game going. If we had alcohol it would've been so much easier.

    We just talked like friends. I feel I could have done much better. Any pointers?

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    Default Re: Playing footsie then went to hotel


    You could have f-closed easily, but instead ended up in the friend zone. She might have shown some interest from what you wrote, but you didn't engage her enough, and you mentioned alcohol as a necessity to picking up girls.

    Seems like you have a bit of aa and need to work on your game techniques and neg.

    However, you asked about the footsie ordeal. I would say that is relevant to Cat String Theory



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    Default Re: Playing footsie then went to hotel

    I would have to disagree with DandyLion here, I'm not sure you could have easily f-closed but I do think that there was some great potential to. I would have initiated a massage, just some light touching on the shoulders moving to heavier touches on the back, etc., gauging her response the whole way. Then I would have either gone into Style's primal kiss close (I can never remember the actual name, but hopefully you know what I mean) or just gone straight for the kiss and taken things from there.

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