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    Default last night report - please critique

    Last night I went out to the club. I am starting to follow the three second rule better and better. I had some trouble sometimes capturing a girls attention with an opener. What are some good openers? I tried using Kino and some Push Pull. What are some good tactics for push pull. (I didn't execute that well with it ... ). So any critique on those things or club game in general would be great! Thank you.

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    Default Re: last night report - please critique

    Honestly and opener can be anything you want. Even "Hey" if done in a powerful way is still a great opener. It's just to get someone talking so you don't always have to be clever or fancy with it. Understand that the more direct your interest the stronger you have to make sure your body language is confident.

    If you want to come under the radar than I think situational and opinion openers are great. I tend to use opinion openers to whoever is standing next to me at the bar while I order a drink. Opening a set immediately next to you while talking to your friends. Also walking by to a destination (the bar, friends table, restroom) and opening over your shoulder is still good. Don't be afraid to walk away after you open. Sometimes they can get cold on your initial approach if they are just sitting around not having fun. Most likely when you come back around in 20-30 minutes they will be more receptive. So open everyone then choose your set afterwards.

    Think of push/pull as an emotional space. Everytime you show interest you are pulling her in. Then when you show disinterest you are pushing her away, which enables you to be able to pull her back in since you created the space with your push. This is a perfect model of what a push/pull statements consist of, "I love you.....but you're trouble." This is a very basic example and you don't have to use it verbatim, but it's a good way to model all your push/pull statements with this in mind. Also do this with your body. Touch her to show interest, then take it away before she has a chance to do it first. This creates Tension.

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    Default Re: last night report - please critique

    The best push and pull is to pull with u're words and push with u're body language and vice versa.
    U can say i hate you so much while hugging her or say u're friend is too cute while doing a box out (make sure she hears u and box out means turn u're back to her as to make her feel not a part of the group).
    U can say stuff like
    -u're the best (her full name) i know.
    -u're the coolest person i've the last 5 min
    -u're so cute i'm gonna adopte u as my baby sister
    -u're smile is breathtakingly beautiful then count to four with u're hand up in the air and say actually u're ranked fifth best smile 2night
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