My goal is to attract interesting women into my life & eventually choose one for a LTR. My wing & I have been talking about how simple openers may branch into a full relationship someday. Because of this potential, I think it is important to remind all of us to be genuine, respectful & sexy. If the interaction develops into romance, her friends & family will ask how you met. If this becomes your life-partner, your children will be curious too. The 1st interaction you have with a woman could be remembered forever as your meeting-story.

Think about the weight of that for a moment.

Over the years, women in my life (GFs, family, friends) have all indicated a strong belief in fate-meetings. As men on the prowl, we all know that completely natural, fate-meetings are literally Old Wives' Tales. Everything is calculated, to some degree, by the hunter because eventually, YOU have to man-up & create that connection. Approach Anxiety & calculation can last seconds before opening a stranger or it can last years if you are stuck in the friend zone. Remember the power of her belief in romance & fate when you are opening a woman.

In the beginning, approaches will NOT feel genuine. I think that's very normal. Persevere. Practice basic material but then modify & customize. I'm getting better at situational openers & honestly I don't think about tactics very much after successfully opening. I've number closed several HBs that thanked me for being so genuine. It's not an act. I really try to listen & connect because I have high expectations for women I meet.

When my wing & I go out, we consciously avoid scoping the room or starring at women. I try not to objectify their bodies in conversation. Also, cocky tactics & mildly insulting negs are proven tools but I don't use them. I want to treat women with respect rather than capitalizing on their insecurities. (Plus, women know about negs; it's the most infamous part of The Game).

A large part of my inner game comes from developing a healthy self image. Believe you are a sexually desirable guy & you will start acting more attractive. Don't be the jester. I avoid bathroom humor & cheap sexual innuendo. Transition humor into subjects women are likely to appreciate. Social dynamics, emotional awareness & psychology are all topics I enjoy because they can be used lightly then easily transitioned into very personal conversations. Once you feel mutual attraction building, hold eye contact longer than usual. Touch her without calling attention to physical contact. Escalate the encounter just past her expectations & she will remember you.

PS If you opened like a jack-ass, there is a saving grace: the human memory bank is not cement. Romantic memories & story telling are extremely biased. If you acted cocky & loud, she may revise that to funny & social to make her GFs envious. If she was taken & you used a BF Destroyer pattern, she'll probably leave that part out when telling her parents about you. And she may forget it all together if you have kids.