The HB Rating System

The term HB has been used to stand for Hot Babe or Honey Bunny. Women are rated according to appearance from 1-10, where HB’s can be 6 or higher, and 1-5 are considered ugs (for ugly). A subset would be the fugly, who is a so woman so undesirable, she's fucking ugly.

Some have argued that this number system is not an accurate or fair approach to rating women. The reason for its use is that in the field all a PUA has to go on when targeting a woman is her appearance. The assumption is made that the more physically attractive a woman is, the more she has been approached by men, and thus the more jaded she will be. Hence, picking up a 10 may for example require more negs than picking up a 7.

It should be noted however that not all 10s see themselves as 10s, and not all 6s see themselves as 6s. Many beautiful women have issues of self-esteem, and many less attractive women consider themselves far more attractive than we would assume. Therefore once a PUA has opened an HB, he must get a sense of her self-worth and calibrate his approach accordingly. You may open a 10 with a neg, only to find she has low self-esteem, at which point you may decide to reduce or eliminate the use of negs from your pick-up so that her ego isn’t further crushed.

The 1-10 scale does not take into consideration other aspects of a woman such as personality, humor, kindness or intelligence. Its purpose therefore is merely in summarizing a woman’s appearance on first approach, and may have little impact on your ultimate attraction to her.

Mystery has described a stoplight system: red for men and women you don’t consider attractive, yellow for attractive but not hot girls, and green for 9.5-10 girls.

Sometimes you may hear a PUA refer to an HB as ‘HB KatieHolmes’, ‘HB Bubblebutt’ or ‘HB White-sweater’ which are ways of using some physical or other characteristic instead of a rating, that is more descriptive of what the target looks like or reminds you where they met ('HB Lighthouse').

Likewise when you enter a venue, you may use clock positions, as in ‘HB at your 9 o’clock’ to indicate to your wing whom you wish to sarge. This tends to be a better way of communicating than yelling ‘Check out the chick with the big jugs to your right!’

A cougar refers to an older woman (generally 40’s and above), out looking for a younger man.

An HG is a Hired Gun, as in 'that HG8 who works at Hooters.'

Girls who are under age are referred to as JB, or JailBait. Stay away from them.