Hello everyone! I just registered on this forum after been reading posts here for a long time!

I just saw a pretty interesting text on a webbsite and was wondering witch of these openers you use or recommend?

5. The direct approach
This is the most powerful but also the most risky of these pick up lines. It’s the equivalent of going all-in when you’re playing poker. The important thing with this opener is that you need to have zero hesitation. The moment you feel that kick in your chest you have to act. You see a beautiful woman and you act on your emotions. That’s the type of man who uses this approach. You walk up to her and say the following:

“You’re so beautiful, if I didn’t come and say something I would be kicking myself all day.”

It seems simple but that’s the point. This is the sniper of conversation starters. You can modify the sentence based on your personality, but the structure is important. She is beautiful. You had to act. You acted because that’s the kind of person you are. NOT because you care about her reaction. This distinction is very powerful.

4. The extremely Indirect Approach
This is the opposite approach to the direct approach. With this pua opener you say something so far from a pickup line, that she will say something to you. This is the most low reward of all possible conversation starters. Most likely she will answer your question and simply walk away. You transmit no information to her. She has no idea that you might be interested or interesting. Yet this is one of the most common approaches I see guys do in club after club. This involves such lines as :

“What time does this club close?” “Do you know any other cool bars around here?” “Where is the bathroom?” “What time is it?”

You have to say something AMAZING for your second sentence to make up for the weakness of this conversation starter. It’s only a pickup line in the loosest sense of the word. You might as well try something a little bit stronger like the next one.

3. The indirect approach
This approach is very popular among pickup artists and guys new to the dating scene. When used properly it is extremely popular. It is the bread and butter of mystery method and many other similar styles of pickup. The idea here is to say something that it’s so intriguing that it takes her attention away from the fact that your a stranger and instead makes her and her friends focus on the question you ask. So the test for if a question is a good indirect opener is if girls pay more attention to that then the fact that you are a stranger.

Here are some examples of indirect openers (pick up lines) that I have used successfully more than 1,000 times each.

“Who lies more, cats or dogs?’

“If you thought your boyfriend was cheating, would you check his email?”

“If you thought your boyfriend was cheating, would you check his phone?”

The last two are very similar and the truth is that they are all you will need. I have taught those two lines to hundreds of guys in different countries and they ALWAYS work. They are super interesting and women love to talk about relationships. If you only memorize one pickup line, choose one of these two. You will spark some amazing conversations instantly.

2. The situational approach
Now we are talking about something extremely powerful, simply because it cannot be memorized. The power of this approach is that you are reacting to your environment. You have to be quick on your feet to think of something good to say. I will give you some powerful examples here so that you can see how they work. This is a more advanced type of pua opener, but if you can learn to think this way you will really change your life.

“Wow, this bar is really crowded”

“I love how everyone here looks exactly the same.”

If a girl sneezes – “Do you have bird flu?”

This type of opener is complex because it has to fit the situation. The idea is to make it super casual and not serious. Here you are just getting the first sentence out of the way and you are off to the races. Each situation will be different so you want to build up to this approach.

1. The neutral opener
This type of pua opener is powerful AND easy. Which makes me think you are going to love it. These are situational openers that you can pretty much use all the time. The don’t transmit interest of disinterest, which means you have a nice neutral footing to start from. 90% of women will react positively to these and you get to find out how she treats strangers within 5 seconds of talking to her.

The easiest place to start your conversations is at the bar. I always line up behind women at the bar. What’s the point in standing behind a bunch of guys? You’re just wasting your time. Once your behind some women, you want to say something that you would just as easily say to a man.

“Are you guys in line?”

“Are you guys ordering together?”

“I love how they have 2 bartenders for 500 thirsty people.”

These are all really simple statements but they will get you well on your way to a nice conversation.