There are three different forms of humor.
A) dlv humor

B) dhv humor

C) Mixed Humor (DLV + DHV)

As I said in a previous post humor is a form of aggression used by AMOGS. I since have started to understand it better. When ever someone laughs its because somebodies status changed. Wethers its because you said something witty raising your own status. Teased somebody and lowered theirs or said something Witty that both raised yours and lowered somebody elses.

The reason I posted this is not for the above reasons. It is instead to get you out of the Mindset of performing monkey. To many people use humor (A) against themselves, lowering their status to get a cheap laugh. These people are class clowns and are fun to keep around but are often on the bottom bracket in social status among their peers. They are often friendzoned and will only get a girl of high status by happen stance. You are a PUA. No puas condone this type of humor. It is called self-depricating and it is bad to express. Tyler durden, Herbal and Mystery never use this type of humor and on many occations said explicitly that this kind is bad.

If anyone has any views on the subject let me know.