Running game should generally not be an expensive pastime. You can minimize your overhead by doing the following:

1. Peacock with inexpensive but attention-grabbing items. You can get a lot of mileage with some cheap finds, as opposed to trying to get blinged out with gold chains and wrist watches.

2. Don’t buy her drinks and if you go on a ‘date’ make it something that is cheap or free. Girls respect men who consider themselves the prize, and step all over guys who squander their hard-earned money in the hopes of
'gettin some.'

3. Don’t buy yourself drinks. Drink nothing, or else club soda or soda at the bar.

4. Go to clubs and bars that don’t charge covers.

5. sarge venues that aren’t too far a drive. You’ll use less gas.

6. Don’t buy expensive gifts. Women like knowing you were thinking about them, so an inexpensive gift can carry just as much or more meaning as a high-priced item.