Hey PUA's!

I thought it would be cool if we all posted some of our dhv stories and then they can get critiqued by everyone.

If you guys want to post yours please feel free but I wanted to get your opinion on my favorite and best:

Do you like guys who have their ear pierced? I had my ear pierced once, its actually a funny story. I was with these two girls that I met and they wanted to get their belly buttons pierced and wanted me to come with. Well when we got their they got all nervous about it. I told them that if I got my ear pierced right here and now, they have to get their belly buttons pierced... Anyway, my ear was pierced and both the girls went through with it even though they were being babies and I had to hold their hands. Would you be a baby? (this is my best one )

Thats my best and for some reason I cant think of any other ones but when they come up I would love to get everyoens opinion!