When girls go out to a bar, pub or club they often drink, and many times get drunk. If you want to run game on drunk girls, you must take these factors into consideration:

1. Drunk girls may ping kino and IOIs but often they are insincere or fleeting. That is, at some point their rational mind might kick in and you’ll sense an abrupt IOD or kino withdrawal. It’s not that they become disinterested in you, it’s that the alcohol made them artificially interested to begin with.

2. You may think you’re running tight game on a drunk girl, but don’t be surprised if an hour later she doesn’t know who you are, or if a few minutes later she’s gotten just as cuddly with another AMOG in the bar when you stepped away.

3. Flake rate will probably be higher.

4. Drunk girls throw up, making F-closing awkward or less likely.

5. Drunk girls are typically easy to open. Stupid openers work fine, and kino escalates rapidly in the first minute.

6. Trying to have sex with a drunk girl for the first time can be maddening. You will nearly enter, then get LMR, then freeze her out, then start over.

Because she's drunk, this cycle can continue endlessly, and she won't be able to know what she wants or how to articulate it.